Spend Analysis and Cost Reduction

It is easy for frivolous spending to mount up and seriously affect the profitable within a business. We offer a without prejudice spending review which aligns spend with corporate strategy and uses purchasing prowess to create a source to pay solution that delivers results.

The benefits of  Spend Analysis and Cost Reduction through Calthan Services' 

  • You get an independent without prejudice spending review of your company that will align your spending with your company strategy.

  • We GUARANTEE that Calthan's spend analysis will reduce your costs and in turn increase bottom line profitability.

  • Our spending analysis will highlight how purchasing processes within your business can be improved.

  • It will help control maverick spending, get contracts in place that are legally compliant and in line with internal procurement standards.

  • Calthan's spend analysis will give you the data needed to facilitate successful negotiations with your suppliers.

  • It is easy for spending to gradually increase when you've worked with a particular supplier for a number of years, Calthan's spend analysis will reduce the risk of over dependence on a supplier or overspending with that supplier. 

  • Calthan's review can lead to recovery of overpayments. 99.8% of public sector transactions are for the right amount, however that 0.2% can amount to some substantial amounts  of cash.


Spending Analysis and Cost Reduction Services offered by Calthan


We offered you a tailored service aligned to your corporate strategy.


  • Identification of all sources of spending data

  • Group suppliers for better supplier management

  • Categorise company spending

  • Analyse company spending

  • Analyse the procurement process and identify risks

  • Make recommendations to guarantee measurable, sustainable cost reductions.


This isn't an exhaustive list, should you require further services please don't hesitate to ask.

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